Monday, 20 April 2009

Old demo meme

In the same week that my Father cleared his loft and stumbled across a box of tapes upon which I'd captured my frantic pubescent strummings, an old friend, via myface, sent me a long forgotten demo from the early nineties that we believed at the time would change our lives.

This sent me upon an archivist's quest to digitise all the shite I've created over the years - C90s, Tascam 4 tracks and what not. Just like family photos, old shite appreciates in value over time. Historical significance overtakes artistic merit, you could say.

So, I'm going to post select songs that I've written, in reverse chronological order, from my early twenties to early teens (1980's) here over the next few weeks. Not only to exorcise old demons, but to encourage Atheist Blogroll members to do the same. There's nothing like listening to your old demos for a bit of drunken nostalgia...

So, here's the first song of the demo, funnily enough called Faith.

Be nice, post your own demo and tell us about it. You will be reassured upon listening to this track, that standards can be very much improved upon...

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Bits of train

Monday, 13 April 2009


Any restaurant that puts leaflets on its tables telling customers “How to enjoy” its food has a problem, or at the very least a lack of confidence.

We do enjoy being told what to do of course - filling one’s belly on the tit of authority does sooth the 'soul'. However, stuffing your gut at an all you can eat Taybarn’s buffet is a bleak, soulless affair despite any command to enjoy it.

Now I don’t mean to be a snob, which of course I am, but I did spend Saturday lunch time boggling at obese families shovelling their week’s calorific quota onto a single plate of bloated slop and marvelling at anorexic waifs making confused points of nibbling exclusively on salad leaves at an all you can eat restaurant.

There were ordinary families of course. And if I could be so bold as to count ourselves amongst them, then we might assume that they’d rather not have been noticed.

Not somewhere we’ll be rushing back to.

Anyway, I felt I should run early yesterday morning to take advantage of the empty Easter Sunday roads and burn off the Taybarn calories before girding myself for the considerably more palatable onslaught that is the mother-in-law’s Sunday lunch.

DSCF1860 The route took me through the back of the church yard, past the arched main entrance where ordinarily I would scarper at full tilt down the steep path to the main gate.

I didn’t expect to literally run into the vicar who was stood welcoming his congregation to the early Easter service.

He was a pleasant, somewhat eager twenty something – bright eyed and bouncy enough for him to skip aside in his flowing white robe to let me past without a serious collision.

“Shit, Christ! Sorry!” I blurted out.

He didn’t even flinch at my blasphemy and gave me a big, holy smile and said “No problem mate, enjoy your run!”

He had Nike trainers on under his robe.

Nice bloke.