Saturday, 28 June 2008

Bands of the moment

As we're on with posts of little consequence, I thought I'd post four of my current favourite bands. It's always good to share the joy...

The Dears - Ticket to Immortality

Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy

Coaltar of the Deepers - C/O/T/D

Nine Horses - Atom and Cell

Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Break the duck

I'd like to say there's a big reason why I've not blogged of late - Increased real-life work load, some catastrophic life changing event or boredom, even.

If the truth is to be told with any accuracy however, I've been watching TV. Soap operas, cheap documentaries and even Big Brother. Not that they're particularly captivating let me say, just I haven't been arsed to do anything different.

Which is not like me.

It's not like I haven't started to post, it's just that the words haven't come when I have.

So I guess the time has come to break my silence with something, anything, before my brain turns to mush and I start wearing sportwear during the day.

So I give you this post, for what it's worth.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

I am Dad

Half an hour ago we walked home through the fields having spent a fine afternoon celebrating fathers day with friends. Us dads, being men, had seared meat on a very manly BBQ before feeding the chimnea with broken bits of wood as the evening chill set in. We also drank beer, and so found that it is good to be a man.

This is us coming home. It's a bugger that I didn't have the good camera with me.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

City Meeting

The sunlight got the better of my cellphone CCD.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Meta blogging

My blogroll is seriously under maintained. I've been meaning to update it for ages. I can never wait to procrastinate however, so it's been left unloved until tonight.

So without further ado, I give you my favoured blogs of the moment;

Lake Cocytus. A psychiatrist who seems to "get it". A breath of fresh air to read if you're a world weary worker in mental health.

Famous For All Kinds of Wickedness. A Northerner who can write! Will wonders will never cease? The soon to be ex-grocer well deserves this link.

2000 Years of Deception. As Stew will tell you, he's not keen on God. It's good to rant from time to time.

A Complicated Salvation. Zoe is unashamedly Agnostic and not afraid to question. I like...

Zen Bullets. A recent discovery - my my this blogger can write. I very much admire his creation.

And it's with sadness that I say goodbye to The Candy Store - Murph's creation and long time blogroll participant. It seems The Candy Store has been sent to the big Google backup in the sky.

My omnipotent son

Walking to school with Dominic this morning he asks "Daddy, do you know everything?"

"Well Dom", I told him "I know a little about a lot of things and a lot about one or two. The older I get mind, the more I discover things that I know next to nothing about."

"That's because you're not four daddy," he said "you have to be four to know everything."

Monday, 2 June 2008

The heat isn't on

Our boiler has ground to a halt. If there's a time for it to die I suppose, then it's the middle of summer. It's leaking all over the floor, bless it. Apparently the heat transfer unit (read expensive) has corroded, which in itself is replaceable. The problem is, it's been corroding long before the leaky symptom started and has made an irreparable mess of its innards. The dirty little git. So we must fork out £1,200 to have the whole damned boiler replaced.


To cheer me up, I took the kids & dog for a romp in the fields after school. We counted species - 20 cows, 7 Mallard Ducks, 3 posh, plump Pigeons, 2 Cats and an inquisitive Hedgehog which rather than curl up, had a sniff of my cellphone as we took its picture.

After that Meg & I went for our first bike ride together. You see, in this past week, Meg has relinquished her stabilisers and is now a seasoned pro - up and down kerbs like I don't know what. I swear there was a lump in my throat as we rode to the park and back, whilst Meg chatted away as if riding her bike was effortless.

Our money comes & goes. From time to time it annoys me. Yet no amount of it could make me as happy as the time that comes free of charge with my family.

As I was too busy keeping up with my cycling daughter to take her photo, here's one of her making a flotsam city on the beach this weekend.