Saturday, 23 December 2006

The Hamlet

I've been eavesdropping on The Hamlet for a few days having stumbled upon it randomly via the 'Next Blog' button. It's a wonderfully optimistic creation, but has overtones of new age spirituality, for which it is forgiven for the moment.

Its owner is a teacher of whom I assume to be high school children. Quite how he remains so optimistic in the face of these little pubescent challenges is inspiring.

He talks a lot about these little miracles, and how sometimes, in teaching he forgets the world is around him. 48 minutes of lesson pass by, during which time innumerate magical phenomenon occur unnoticed. Like the ant climbing down the classroom wall, or a child experiencing a subtle epiphany.

He describes this as if it's a bad thing. As he says, "most things are indeed miraculous". I suppose we should try more to savour the unfolding of these wonderful and constant occurrences.

However, a word of caution;

Remember, we're all players in these miraculous unfoldings. Like watching Schrodinger's cat in its box, if we observe them too closely we change their very nature. We cease to become actors in these scenes and end up mere observers. Interlopers even. And without the full cast, our miraculous plays become much the less for them.

In short, and this is advice I could well do with heeding, we should immerse ourselves in the moment a little more and enjoy each experience for what it is; ordinary but yet simultaneously miraculous.

I shall enjoy our Christmas morning all the more for this...

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