Friday, 9 February 2007

For once, I am outraged

The atheist community is in a bit of a tizzy about this CNN broadcast. I laughed the first time I saw it. It is after all, an absurd conversation held between ill informed dimwits.

The more I've thought about it however, the more irked I've become. These people have every right to express their opinion about atheism. Even if I think they're wrong in a myriad of ways. What upsets me is the blatant lack of editorial judgement CNN have shown in presenting this one sided debate to the entire world. Not just North America - the "one nation under God".

My spirits have been lifted no end as I bear witness to the outrage, directed in no small measure to CNN from the Atheist community.

We tolerant moderates have been criticised in the past for allowing this kind of bigotry to go unchallenged. It's a fair point in some respects. Imagine our world if no one had stood up and railed against racism, sexism or homophobia. So, I've sent my outraged missive to the network.

There's a rumor that Richard Dawkins will be speaking on CNN tonight to redress the balance. I sincerely hope this is the case.


Louie said...

About time comrade. ;)

jamon said...


vjack said...

This pisses me off too, however, I am completely fed up with pundit opinion being passed off as news.

Louie said...

Well I was going to say, that this is what you get if you watch the, ahem, news.

jamon said...

Is it being passed off as news? I don't watch CNN as a rule, but that clip seemed presented pretty clearly as a 'comment' piece.

Is it as much news as the comment columns in the broadsheets?

This isn't a defence mind you, because a lot of people take this stuff seriously. They believe most of what they see on TV.

Apparently CNN have been running the Anna Nicole Smith death story as their top item for two days.


TheGayBlackJew said...

It wouldn't have surprised me if this was on FOX's The O'Reilly Factor, but this was CNN. I'm pissed. They better give Dawkins or Harris a chance to respond.

I wonder how many closet atheists there are out there...polls are tainted in the same way that more white Americans will say to a pollster that they'd vote for a black candidate for president than actually would.

jamon said...

"I wonder how many closet atheists there are out there".

I would guess there's a significant amount of them.

Unfortunately, most people in my view don't even bothertoquestion wether they are in fact atheist or otherwise. It's easier that way. And much less scary.

The man in this clip (New Yorker), gave me that impression when he said - "most people in NY don't really care" and "of course I love the Lord" - didn't sound convincing to me...