Sunday, 9 March 2008

Why I've been absent

I don't remember birthdays being such events as they are for children these days. Meg was six on Thursday you see, which does scare me a little.

Her festivities began on Tuesday, when friends came home for tea. Since then there have been various gatherings, large and small, culminating in a Ten Pin Bowling party this AM.

Now, much as I love my children, I'm afraid I'm kiddy partied out. Also, I'm a man - so I have to work against my genetic programming to eke out a small jot of enjoyment from the screaming of children other than my own.

So I bid my goodbyes to Miche & the kids this morning and buggered off for a project run - up the north bank of the Tyne from Newcastle, past Wallsend, through the pedestrian tunnel and return via the south bank.

Some 16 miles or so. I'll admit to biting off more than I can chew, as I had to walk a good bit of the last three miles, but the peace was wonderful.

Of course, we had a houseful on my return home, though some of my boy mates were there, so drinking could be done. Mind, after a run like that, boozing isn't really a good idea. I am, to be honest, quite profoundly drunk writing this post. But I do have my feet up on the couch and the house is quiet once more.

Some photos of my run;


Anonymous said...

The longest I have ever run (slow jog is more apt) is 12 miles and at the end, it felt as if my hips were popping out of their sockets. :/

I hate kiddy parties with a passion. Of course, I love how happy they make my own children so I make their little parties as fabulous as possible and grin and bear it. We are doing another easter egg hunt this year at our house. I must be a masochist?

jamon said...

Yup - there is something masochistic about that.

I don't envy you...

commander other said...

nice photos, and kudos to you on the run. when the weather is good here, i do 30-40 miles a week, but that's on the fields. a different kind of masochism.

kid parties. gah. our youngest turns on 9 in mid-April. thanks for reminding me!

The Grocer said...

Foolish but the pics are good. Like the black and white shots, very "Get Carter".

jamon said...

Aye 'twas a bit foolish Grocer, but worth it really!

And commander - why do kids have to grow so fast? I just got used to having babies around the house...