Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Lost perspective

Of the 6,597 photos I have on my hard drive right now, there are no more than twenty shots of me. Given my face, which is best suited for radio, this is probably a good thing. Sometimes I worry however, that having spent so much time watching life through a viewfinder, I'm no longer living it and simply a bystander documenting proceedings.

Certain kinds of blogging (or any descriptive pursuit I suppose) pose similar hazards to me - in that they seem to separate me - the observer from everyone else - the observed. And really, the thing is, I'm only moderately good at writing and photography anyway. It's not as if I'm some kind artistic genius.

So I've took a break from blogging 'to get over myself (for fuck sake)' and live life with a bit more immediacy.

Having done so for a month, I think I'm ready to start posting again.

It's nice to be back.


Christy Lenzi said...

>>and live life with a bit more immediacy.<<

I like that. How'd it go?

I'm glad you're back!

jamon said...

How'd it go?

I'm not sure - didn't give it much thought ;)

Though I did start to watch some telly, which sent me to sleep.

Which was nice.