Monday, 2 June 2008

The heat isn't on

Our boiler has ground to a halt. If there's a time for it to die I suppose, then it's the middle of summer. It's leaking all over the floor, bless it. Apparently the heat transfer unit (read expensive) has corroded, which in itself is replaceable. The problem is, it's been corroding long before the leaky symptom started and has made an irreparable mess of its innards. The dirty little git. So we must fork out £1,200 to have the whole damned boiler replaced.


To cheer me up, I took the kids & dog for a romp in the fields after school. We counted species - 20 cows, 7 Mallard Ducks, 3 posh, plump Pigeons, 2 Cats and an inquisitive Hedgehog which rather than curl up, had a sniff of my cellphone as we took its picture.

After that Meg & I went for our first bike ride together. You see, in this past week, Meg has relinquished her stabilisers and is now a seasoned pro - up and down kerbs like I don't know what. I swear there was a lump in my throat as we rode to the park and back, whilst Meg chatted away as if riding her bike was effortless.

Our money comes & goes. From time to time it annoys me. Yet no amount of it could make me as happy as the time that comes free of charge with my family.

As I was too busy keeping up with my cycling daughter to take her photo, here's one of her making a flotsam city on the beach this weekend.


The Grocer said...

That's a great shot at the end. Flotsam City sounds like something from 2000AD and Judge Dredd.

Christy Lenzi said...

I really like the last photo, too.

Do hedgehogs have spikes like a porcipine?

jamon said...

Thanks guys.

Christy - yes - they have spikes, though they can't shoot them like the porcupine.

Typically reserved and European - they just curl up into a ball for defense.

I didn't realise that they're not indigenous to North America.

Anonymous said...

the snout on that hedgehog is weird! :o

jamon said...

Yeah - I think he might have been poorly - he looks a bit underweight & dehydrated to me.

Which will explain the odd, angular snout. Which also may explain why he was so apathetic / bold...