Sunday, 27 July 2008

Our days in the sun

Today has been a running and catching, sleeping in the shade and an eating in the sun kind of day. Up here in the north of England, they are to be savored, as these sort of days are uncommon. The heat muffled shrieks of the kids and the tiny little flies wafting in the sunlight have got me all quaintly verbose so they have.

My words however, I shall save for my wife, as we're enjoying the last of the sun in our garden whilst we watch the swallows in their dizzying flight paths above us.

Mind, I am relieved that my guts have finally settled. I've spent the past three days trotting back and forth to the John. Not only that, my hay fever, ordinarily subdued with antihistamine, has had my eyes streaming all day.

I've since discovered that the packaging on our laxatives and my new hay fever tablets are remarkably similar...


Elaine said...

Wow, I bet you won't make THAT mistake again!

Bless your heart, as we say here in the Southern U.S.

Feel better!

jamon said...

Thanks Elaine.