Sunday, 3 August 2008

One can dream

We have spent this past week in our little wooden cottage high on the north face of the Coquet Valley. Well, I say ours, I mean friends of the family who are now in their eighties and can no longer manage the incline.

It’s a wonderful place, so much so that we’ve explored numerous financial machinations to buy it. They’re pipe dreams of course and quite profoundly beyond our reach. Perhaps in a few years we'll have the means...

Despite London forecasters predicting a northern dousing, Miche & I have enjoyed each glorious evening in the sun room as the kids fall asleep. This was the view;

Anyway, that's quite enough chatter - we've unpacking to do. Here's some more holiday snaps;


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Christy Lenzi said...

Oh! Those are great shots.

How beautiful; I can see why you fell in love with the area.

jamon said...

Thanks Christy.

It really is a stunning place.