Friday, 16 March 2007


Scientists have recently explained the experience of spirituality, transcendence, and religiosity. The problem was identified to be 5-hydroxytryptamine re-uptake rates within the Substantia Nigra. The condition, initially thought to affect 48% of the population, is due to a mutation in the gene SLC6A4.

Pfizer have subsequently developed a drug treatment, and human trials of Sartrezine have begun.

Initial results have proven positive. People who reported feelings of interconnectedness with the universe and/or a faith in God, experienced a marked reduction in symptoms within 4 days of treatment. Placebo patients reported similar effects, but at a significantly lower rate.

Many patients who actively participated in organised religious ritual however, continued to display these behaviours, regardless of blood serum levels of Satrezine. A faith in God it has been proposed, has no clear correlation to religious behaviour. In some cases, a marked increase in these behaviours were noted, with a concomitant shift towards Conservative political bias.

Some serious side effects to Sartrezine have been reported. Relationship difficulties, emotional bluntness and irresponsible behaviour have been noted in 25% of patients.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence is investigating its effectiveness for use in the NHS.


Louie said...


Anonymous said...

So, the ability to sense the very real interconnectivity of the universe as a seamless whole is in fact a genetic disorder? Astonishing. Perhaps this wonder-drug would be great as an ingredient for the Kool-Aid.

jamon said...

Yes Murph, a disorder.

Who'd have thought it.

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