Friday, 23 March 2007

Spring, still

This weekend the clocks go forward. Another hour stolen from my life. When this fiddling about with time is finally put to one side, I hope it's done through the winter.

I want my hour back.

The light evenings are nice though. We get more opportunities to be outside once I'm home from work. This'll help me and my dog work off some of the fat we've laid down over winter.

Here's some seasonally themed pics from my run this morning.


Holly said...

Very pretty, indeed.

And I know the time change is a pain, but, after the jetlag fades, that extra hour of sun in the evening and those brighter mornings are nice, aren't they?

jamon said...

Your right of course Holly. I do love the lighter evenings.

The problem is, the mornings get darker for a bit.

Mind you, for a three year old, being told it's now six, not five in the morning is meaningless.

This could play into my hands just nicely.... ;)