Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Oh, to be beautiful

or, Third Treatise: What do ascetic ideals mean? Nietzche;

"What do ascetic ideals mean? Among artists nothing or too many different things; among philosophers and scholars something like a nose and instinct for the most favourable preconditions of higher spirituality; among women, at best, one more charming trait of seduction, a little morbidezza on beautiful flesh, the angelicalness of a pretty, fat animal[!]; among the physiologically failed and out of sorts (among the majority of mortals) an attempt to appear to oneself to be "too good" for this world, a holy form of excess, their principal instrument in the battle with slow pain and with boredom; among priests the true priests' faith, their best tool of power, also the "most high" permission to power; among saints, finally, a pretext for hibernation, their novissima gloriae cupido, their rest in nothingness ("God"), their form of madness. That the ascetic ideal has meant so much to man, however, is an expression of the basic fact of the human will, its horror vacui; it needs a goal, -and it would rather will nothingness than not will."

I will be expanding...

Though in what direction I'm less sure.

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