Thursday, 5 July 2007

Stage Fright

Today I'll be speaking at a conference about palliative care in late stage dementia. I feel a little nervous as there will be much academic glitterati in attendance. Now, I've desensitised myself these days to the worst ravages of stage fright, however I'm still worried that the limits of my knowledge will be shown for what they are.

I'm taking one of our staff nurses along with me. She is a brilliant clinician. Her practical knowledge and skill in this area are unrivalled in my view. Mind, it's took some persuasion to get her to come along.

"I'm going to look an idiot", She said the other day, "Little old me amongst the big knobs."

I said "Bolloxs to them, could you imagine how terrified these 'academics' would be if they had to run a shift in your dementia care unit?"

It's one thing thinking about it, but another thing entirely walking the walk.

Wish me luck.


Stew said...

Break a leg.

or "merde" which for some reason is the french equivalent

rebecca shannon said...

Luck to both of you!

Anonymous said...

The imagining of audience members in their undergarments still works for me! No luck needed when you got skills, and I think you've got mad skills!

jamon said...

Thanks guys! Much appreciated.

As is the way with these things - the bits I expected to go well didn't, but the bits I least expected to ended up better than I could have imagined.

All in all, a good day ;)

Anton said...

Thanks for the article! I've had problems with stage fright myself so it's good to read other perspectives on this.
I still get nervous any time I have to perform in front of others, but I find the best things to do are to be totally prepared, accept that a mistake doesn't mean the whole thing is a disaster and get your breathing under control.
For anyone interested, another website that has articles and help for stage fright is

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