Sunday, 26 August 2007

200th Post

Well I'll never, here we are at my 200th post. I'm not all together sure whether to celebrate this achievement or lament the countless hours Sans God has taken from my life.

It's certainly been enjoyable though. I've also learnt a lot, not just through my own blogging, but from reading the cornucopia of other blogs available right here at my fingertips.

It astounds me when contemplating the sheer volume of information our bloggosphere generates. If only we could harness this collective energy as we each hunch over our keyboards simultaneously around the globe. I swear, we could change the world.

Perhaps we already are.

So, in keeping with tradition, I'll use this opportunity to tinker a bit with my blogroll;

The Atheist Blogroll

Whilst Mojoey's fine blog Deep Thoughts already has its place on my blogroll, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to him for maintaining the Atheist Blogroll. Many an idle moment has been filled surfing the many and varied blogs on it. It is truly a wonderful resource.

This is your captain speaking

Captain Smack, the owner of this blog says that "people often tell me that I look a lot like Jesus, so I always wear a Captain's hat so they can tell us apart. I also enjoy wearing robes and rockin' the tables."

From a recent post - "This is a story about me going to a party and ending up in someone's bush. There are nipples in this story. And beer. But mostly it's just me acting like a jackass."

He makes me laugh, so earns a place on my roll.


I love the premise of this blog which is an exploration of the ideas we had about our future from our past. It's very well written and is a gold mine of entertainment. Be careful though, it sucks on your time like a hairy time sucking monster type thing.

Wanderin' Weeta

Weeta is Canadian, over 60 (but not too much), as weird as necessary for her sanity, as sane as her kids and grandkids permit, a lover of birds, green stuff, tiny beasties and oddities generally. Her man is a nature photographer, as well as an all-round good guy. Her blog is about where they've been lately...

A beautiful thing full of stunning images of small and big things.

Google Sightseeing

From the blog - "Google Sightseeing takes you on tour of the world as seen from satellite, using the freely downloadable Google Earth, or Google Maps directly in your web browser. Each weekday your guides James and Alex introduce new weird and wonderful sights as suggested by the reader community."

Couldn't have put it better myself. Well written, informative and fascinating. Required reading.

Queen Mediocretia* of Suburbia

The Queen is funny, acerbic and relentless in her mocking of her husband. She also writes like an angel. I look forward to each post.

I could go on much longer, but I think I'll save it till my 300th.


Mojoey said...

Thanks for the plug. You know, I get as much out of the blogroll as everyone else. It is really a pleasure to run.

Wanderin' Weeta said...

Thanks for the kind words (and the link)!

the queen said...

Well, cool. Who are you again? Don't make me like you; that makes you eligible for ridicule.

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