Friday, 17 August 2007

A waiting game

The silence of Sans God has took on a sombre tone. Whilst our children draw their merry dues on our time, we find ourselves dealing with a rather nasty turn of affairs.

I need to be careful, for disclosing details could be contrary to the wishes of those more important than you. Yet I'm left with the need to share, write and publish an account of our experiences to date.

In this respect I'm being selfish, as my place in this debacle nothing more than to help from the sidelines. Yet I'm not just a bystander - I'm closer to the action to that; I'm stood behind the main players and am readied to take the flack from the audience.

These players are rather like my second child.

Before he came I wondered how on earth I'd love him as much as my first. I worried that a love like mine couldn't be halved or shared between the two. Yet upon Dominic's arrival I discovered that my love was divisible yet infinite.

So the player in question, whom I love like my own father, is now the focus of my fret and worry.

My priorities then, are this;

A) Make myself available in whatever capacity I can, to provide support, help or solace to whomever may need it,

B) Facilitate my dearest to have the time and space to do what she needs,

C) And this is the BIG one.

So bear with us please, as we discover what C will become.

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