Friday, 7 December 2007

Buy one soul, get one free

Perhaps Pope (eyes of a murderer) Benedict used to sell carpets. Imagine for a moment, Benedict in a cheap tv ad will you;

"Roll up! Roll up! For one month only, if you visit Lourdes I'll cut your time in purgatory by 20%! Satisfaction guaranteed. (Deposit non-refundable. Terms & Conditions apply. Offer ends 12am 8th December)."

Surely he's taking the piss.


stuart said...

For fucks sake. For fucking fucks fucking fucks sake.

If it wasn't for the word fuck, i'd be lost for words.

OK, perhaps not totally lost for words..........

in the 1500's we british had a reformation, a genius of a bloke called Thomas Cromwell persuaded the King (Henry "cant keep it in his trousers" 8th) to destroy all the monasteries in the UK, declare Purgatory a nonsense, and make idol worshipping illegal. What is taking the rest of the world so long to catch on to the idea that some bloke in a dress is taking them all for a ride.

Surely the whole idea that you can in some way buy your way into heaven goes against the whole stupid concept in the first place.


stuart said...

By the way, I've just been reading the Shardlake series by C.J Sansom, very good books based around the reformation.

His book Winter in Madrid is also well worth a read.

jamon said...

Thanks for the tip m8 - I'll have a read. Good to see the Tourettes is still in control ;)

stuart said...

I just made the mistake of zooming into that picture so the whole screen was just his face.

Seriously, proper scary, don't do it.

And definitely don't show it to the kids, they would have a genetically predetermined instinct to shit themselves.

jamon said...

Can't.... not.... do..... it.

Scarred for life m8. Thanks.

Vamp said...

Yes the pope has eyes like Fester from the Addams Family

Is it just me, or does it look like he has white devil horns, thanks to the collar behind him?

jamon said...

I hadn't noticed the horns until you mentioned them. Now I can see nothing else.

What a creepy man...


Mojoey said...

Darth Benedict – he is a scary scary man. Love the horns.