Thursday, 13 December 2007

Santa, is that you?

As I walked through the church yard this evening, on my way to the local boozer for the village lads Xmas get together, the bell ringers were rehearsing. The ground crunched underfoot and my way was lit by the festive lights on the village green trees.

This is how it looked and sounded;

Religion aside, there's nothing better than medieval church bells on a frosty night to get the Christmas spirits flowing.

We've had a few pints of the best Guinness in the village before I had to leave the lads as they went to the Indian. Unfortunately I'm interviewing for a key post tomorrow so had to be boring and come home.

On the way back the ground was slippery underfoot. The hardening ice twinkled under the street lights like tinsel. I didn't pass a soul until the last corner when an old man, somewhat overweight and with a large white beard passed me.

He gave me a big smile and the standard northern greeting of "Alreet?"

And so I feel "christmassy".

Our tree is up, I bought the last of Miche's presents earlier today and our online grocery shop has been ordered...

I wish a happy secular midwinter celebration to one and all!


Intergalactic Hussy said...

"Christmassy" is nice. Didn't the conservative Christians once want to prohibit the celebration of Christmas anyway?

I don't do the decorating and tree stuff because I was raised Jewish and was never accustomed to that (yet I did have a Hanukkah Bush one year). But I can definitely see why someone would want to. Especially the lights. By why can't we have pretty lights and holiday cheer all year 'round?

Anonymous said...

aw, happy holidays to you too!


rebecca shannon said...

And a great festive season to you too!