Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A love story

Murph left my first comment on Sans God on the 1st December 2006. His question still reverberates in my head today.

What is consciousness?

Of course, neither of us have come close to answering this question. However, I'd like to think that in debating this and other things, we've become friends. Or as our wives describe us - 'pen pals'. See, Murph lived in Ohio until today and as you know I live in Northumberland, UK.

I met Murph at the same time that he and Holly were enjoying the full on, poetic rush of new love. A love that they were gracious enough to share with the entire world via their blogs - The Candy Store and What the Hell is a Blog. These ephemeral creations were instrumental in them meeting in the first place, as their relationship (as far as I can gather) was borne over the Internet tubes. Which was a good thing, as Holly lives in Canada.

They married on the 10th January 2007.

And now, Murph & Holly are having a baby! Robert Declan Murphy to be precise.

You may not know of the struggle Murph has endured over the past year to secure Canadian residence so that they can be a family together. Suffice to say, it's been a trial and a half. As of today, all the forms have been signed, consulates have been informed, tickets have been bought and Murph is in transit as we speak.

I wish you all the best Holly & Murph & Declan!


Anonymous said...

yay for love!

jamon said...

I'd say!

Anonymous said...

I'm in Canada right now.

jamon said...

Happy days!


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