Sunday, 13 April 2008

I'm a Martian

Now - to the stuff of substance - shampoo and marital disagreement. The meaning of life can wait for another day.

Miche it must be said, has nice hair. She's naturally brunette and has quite a sheen to her mop. I do like it. However to achieve this follicular perfection not one, two or three shampoo brands are required. No my friends, we need at least seven different brands of shampoo on the go at any one time - to prevent 'build up', apparently.

I have an interest to declare - I have so little hair that it's hardly worth tending to what remains. A bottle could easily serve me a year. So I'll admit to sour grapes.

That said, our current stash of ten active bottles seems a little excessive to me. This explains the rather narky argument we got into at the supermarket today.

"Miche, for goodness sake - we can't possibly need any more shampoo can we?"

In the way that only marital disagreements can get, proportion and rationality were left somewhere in the veg aisle. I grumbled and stomped round the store, pushing an overfilled trolley.

So would I ask you, dear reader, to take part in the poll to your right. You may very well settle a rumbling, festering argument.

Not that I want to influence you to "MAKE THE SHAMPOO GO AWAY" you understand...


Wanderin' Weeta said...

Why argue with what works?

Her hair shines. Whatever she does to achieve that is doing the job.

I use one, but only because I'm allergic to most of the additives in "beauty products"; the one I use is, so far, the only one that doesn't make me break out in a rash.

But my daughter's house, with 2 women, has a whole battery of shampoos/conditioners/hair treatments.

the queen said...

First of all, these are grocery store shampoos. Consider yourself lucky.

Also, I hear the grocery (or perhaps the drugstore) has something called a clarifying shampoo. She could just use that once a week, and then you could mix all the others together.

Christy Lenzi said...

Holy moley. Maybe they have an addictive ingredient... You might need to perform an intervention.

Anonymous said...

i'm thinking that as long as eventually they all get used up, no harm, no foul?

jamon said...

Weeta - "Why argue with what works?"

That's just it - my guess is that two would do the trick just as well as seven!

jamon said...

Queen - mmn - hadn't thought of all that boutique stuff. Perhaps I should just keep my mouth shut...

jamon said...

Christy - I have no doubt this stuff is addictive in the same way most 'marketed' stuff is.

Just look at Metalkpretty's photo.

More! More! More! ;)

stuart said...

buddy, you seem to have been totally outvoted by the women here, so I will do what all good mates do and stick up for you in the face of adversity!

soap. thats all i need, although i have recently joined the "cant be arsed - shave it off" brigade. The wife even only has one bottle of shampoo (Voseen - very clean smelling!) and one bottle of conditioner, probably of whatever brand she last got as a gift. Good girl!

PS. she also has very nice shiny hair.