Thursday, 12 April 2007

According to Scott

A dog, whilst out and about, spends much of its time searching for evidence of other dogs. Once found and duly investigated, it douses said marker in joyful celebration that “I AM HERE!” So it goes, for the remainder of its jaunt. In ever decreasing volumes, the dog declares its place in the world. Until at the last post, it finds itself spent. In a last ditch and twitch attempt, it leaves all that it can. In this drop, it whispers, “I was here.”


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Mojoey said...

my secret delight - walking my min pin and watching him try to mark every fence post on our route. Poor little guy, he's a 2 oz male in a 16 oz world - but he loves to try.

Remarkable post - is this something you wrote? If so - wow.

jamon said...

Why thanks Mojoey, because yes I did -Murph (above) kindly invited me to contribute to his according to section.

Your pooch sounds great, I'd love to see a photo. Once you've got your CCD dusted, of course ;)