Sunday, 1 April 2007

If that was it, then I've had it

Well, back to work tomorrow. I return to the peace and order of my Outlook calendar, inbox, meetings and phone calls. Ahh, the serenity of it. I can truthfully say, I'm knackered after this week 'off'. Quite how Miche manages this insanity, day in day out, astounds me.

When all's said and done, my spirits are higher now, than they we're last Friday. So, to mark the end of this week, here's a few photos of it. Complete with a full frontal of me! Yes, Me! I've omitted the nudity bit, you'll be pleased to know.

However, given the traffic I've been getting recently, from people searching Google for "Nice Breasts", perhaps I should post more of these Full Frontal antics. Can you imagine the bewilderment of these "nice breast" scarfers, when they land on my post about Psychodynamic Group Theory. At the moment, Sans God is on the 1st results page. Laugh out Loud.



Mojoey said...

Wonderful photos - the full frontal is brave, I'm not sure I could do it.

jamon said...

Thanks Mojoey, your compliment is so much the sweeter that I know your talent!

One day, I'll replace my cellphone camera with a decent one. (my proper one died months ago - saving up for a good one right now).

And of the full frontal. Brave? Stupid? Egocentric?

We are who we are. And this is me ;)