Friday, 1 February 2008

Bish Bosch

My friends - the purpose of life is to hear the shlurp shlurp of a Bosch dishwasher in mid cycle. The freedom to lie on your sofa, laptop on lap, whilst the work of the day is munched by a machine gives limitless happiness.

You see, for the past month we've been without our beloved washer of dishes. Unfortunately, we haven't the resources to keep buying new crockery, so (god forbid) we've had to wash them by hand!

I did what all men do when faced with broken machinery - stuck my ear against it and diagnosed the problem.

"Yup, it's the water pump." I told Miche, "We should order a new one - I'll fit it."

"Yeah, right!" She said, "I'll get a man in eh?"

"Nah, it's quite simple" I said with as much bravado as I could muster, "I can do it - dead easy."

That was four weeks ago.

Last Sunday, under duress, I peeked under the hood of the beast, with new pump in hand. Hmn...

Today Miche disregarded my male pride and got one of those magic men who can fix things to finish the job.

My pride hurts, but at least my hands are dry.

Schlurp, schlurp...


Anonymous said...

There is a kind of freedom in washing your dishes by hand, too. At the kitchen sink, the mind is just about completely free to go just about anywhere. There is also a sense of accomplishment brought on by the sight of a stack of clean dishes set to dry in the rack. Of course, since I've been too burned out on doing the dishes for the past day or so, right now, there's a pile of dirty ones sitting in there on the counter.

stuart said...

i hope you tried the proper "man fix" first m8 - give it a thump!

Our TV sometimes wont turn on - a quick thump in the right place brings it right back to life, Jo cant do it, only me.

The computer monitor sometimes fades to black - a quick thump (in a completely different place to the TV) sorts it out.

Jo is amazed by my ability to know just where and how hard to hit it - definately a "man thing"!

Oh and the only reason you couldn't fix it in the end was because you didn't have the right tools... don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

jamon said...


Like you, I experienced that 48 hour satisfaction from manually washing our dishes and setting them orderly on the rack.

48 hours, then it passed.


jamon said...

Stu - I have a technique to unlock the utility door on a morning if its swolled from damp in a morning.

It involves a combination of key pressure and knee impact at a precice place and force.

Completely and utterly beyond Miche!

Stew said...

When men do the dishes it is a logical and orderly thing. The least dirty, glassware etc get done first, then plates and last pots.
Such is the orderly nature of the male mind. You can see it in action at the supermarket till. The heavy items are on first, the fruit veg and eggs last. So when the come off the till the heavy stuff, tinse etc are at the bottom of the bag.
Now, we occassionally do these duties to show women how it should be done, but they never remember.

jamon said...

Christ! I thought I was the only one that did that at the supermarket till. I should look up at other blokes once in a while.

Anonymous said...

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