Monday, 25 February 2008

Frozen nuts

A frozen nut and a pic of some boats that I froze my nuts off taking early Sunday morning;


Rare Visitor said...

That's not a nut it's Davros from Dr Who.

jamon said...

Christ you're right! **said from behind sofa**

Mojoey said...

Nice - the my girl shot looks like a post card. Errr, from a cold place that I might not want to visit.

I'm planning my lunch break. It's in the high 70s here, that would be like 26 celsius to you folks. I'm going to sit in a park and enjoy the sunshine. The only ice will be in my soda.

love the pictures.

jamon said...

Cheers Mojoey! Much appreciated.

Though I must say - constant warmth would do my head in. Right now however, having returned home in the wind and rain, a few hours of baking heat would be just the job!