Saturday, 13 January 2007

A banana fingered God

Came across this wonderful clip that was posted originally on viewfromearth . Surely it's a spoof, made me laugh heartily though.

I imagine a tribesman, isolated from the rest of civilisation meeting this nutball and asking him "What's that?"

Nutjob - "It's a banana; A sign of God"

Tribesman - "What do you think I should do with it then? Shove it up me arse?"


vjack said...

This is my first visit after just finding you from the Atheist Blogroll. I'd like to hear more about your thoughts on how to define spirituality (apart from religion) and why we as atheists should pursue it. Just a thought for a future post or series of posts.

jamon said...

Hi Vjack - thanks for dropping in. You pose an interesting question, and one that I've been exploring indirectly for a while I think via this blog. Perhaps it's time to address it more directly.

Riker said...

Hey there!

Popping in for a quick visit after reading the kind words you left on my blog :)

In case you haven't yet learned, the clip you found is no spoof.

The man in the video is Ray Comfort, who, with partner Kirk Cameron (American TV personality, former child-star of the 80's sitcom era) run a website called Way of The Master.

The site hosts videos designed to coach evangelical Christians as they prepare to mission to nonbelievers. If you have the time (and an academic interest in observing how the other side thinks), I recommend you watch some of the materials. It shocked me to learn the bleak worldview these people hold and how they contort it to develop the 'conversion guerilla tactics' they're known for.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Drop me a line any time.