Friday, 19 January 2007

Data Vomitarium

Frequently I'm astounded by how little I know. By way of our miraculous Internet tubes, novel facts and fictions pour into my head. Some of them lodge in dark corners, but most of them simply drip through the many holes in my intellect.

I've developed an insatiable appetite for information and feel diffuse anxiety when not jacked in to RSS, Digg and Google. An addict you may say. But facts and figures only represent part of our reality. How we understand, synthesise and use them is far more important.

I admire clear thinkers, lacking as I am in this department. A truly awesome example of this is the Atheist Ethicist. I urge you to leave this blog now and go read it...

Go on then, off you go.....I'll see you there.


vjack said...

Atheist Ethicist is one of my favorites too (when I have time to read his long posts). I don't agree with him on everything, but I almost always find something thought-provoking.

jamon said...

Indeed, neither do I agree all of the time with Alonzo. however, I do admire how he comes to his conclusions.