Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Today I am Ill

Now, I can cope with the slime of chestiness, but I hate the cold hot oddness that is viral infection.

This one is bizarre. I have shooting pains deep within the joints - knees, lower back, elbows and neck. But also in between my little fingers and their neighbours. And to top off this cornucopia of symptomology my guts hurt. Badly. There's a dull knot of pain lumped right on top of my diaphragm.

You could say I'm feeling sorry for myself.

There's a reason why Day Time TV is on in the day time. It's scheduled for people in my predicament. Cleverly designed to suck on soul and intellect, it massages you into a soporific lump on the sofa. That way, you forget about how crap you feel and start day dreaming about how you might look after a full style makeover.

Uurffmn, and other sickness noises...


Louie said...

Nobody likes a winger. I've had a sore jaw for a week and finally went to the doctor (although I live with one, but don't get me started) who then diagnoses a sore jaw. Go home and take ibuprofen. Thanks medical science.

If only I hadn't let my psychic healer subscription lapse.

And I don't know what you're complaining about. Daytime TV is all about Jeremy Kyle, Trisha, Judge Judy and the whole raft of shows which show you what idiots the rest of the world are. Just think, at least you're going to get better....

maybe. :)

jamon said...

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement.

My worry is; I began to feel an afinity to Trisha's guests. Eeek.

Louie said...

It's when you seriously believe Jeremy Kyle could actually bring you salvation, that you need to shoot yourself.