Sunday, 13 May 2007


See you in a week or so. We're off for a sojourn in Sherwood Forest Center Parcs. Which if I'm honest, is nothing more than Butlins for the middle classes. Anyway, the kids love it and that's what's important. Isn't it?

The ducks by the way, were snapped during our last visit.


grooveadam said...

I really enjoyed stumbling onto your blog, one atheist to another. Is it alright if I link to your blog from mine using "Post Menopausal Atheist?"

grooveadam said...

I thought from the story you posted, main character being a post menopausal woman, that you were post menopausal yourself.

jamon said...

Hi Grooveadam,

Thanks for dropping by, and for your kind words!

And no, I'm not post menopausal, though I can feel my mid-life crisis looming ;)