Monday, 5 November 2007

Crystal Dietetics

Dinner party last night with people we hardly know. Nice lot, though still at the 'polite conversation' stage.

Yours truly let his mouth slip when the immaculately manicured trophy wife told the table that she's on a special diet and couldn't possibly eat the pasta.

"I had an assessment done by my crystal healer last week. He told me to cut out wheat, strawberries and spam."

"How did he do that?" another guest asked.

"Well, he swung [insert random crystal name] over my stomach and felt the 'energies'. I'm not sure exactly what he was testing for..."

"Gullibility?" I interjected.

She didn't laugh.


Christy Lenzi said...


jamon said...

Glad someone found it funny ;)

Stew said...

I'm afraid I'm the same when in similar circumstances. I can't stop the eyrolling or the Arabella Wier "Ha!"

Anonymous said...

I suspect she already tested positive for gullibility, which explains the more extensive examination and dietary restrictions. Gullibility is a terrible affliction.

jamon said...

"Now, you mush come back every week, until we get this sorted."

That'll be £50.00