Sunday, 11 November 2007

Remembrance Sunday

Every year for the past god knows how many, the same old man has stood outside our local shop selling poppies for Remembrance day. I'm pretty sure he fought in the Crimean War. Well, you would think so, given his country gent deportment and huge handlebar mustache, which is now completely white.

I bought four poppies from him last Saturday, one for each of us, before going into the shop to stock up on sweets for our long walk with Mcleod.

On my way back to the car he stopped me.

"Your dog's been good as gold you know" he said, "he's sat there the whole time just looking at me."

He followed me over to the car and gave Mac a thorough petting once I'd opened the boot.

"He's just like my old dog you know."

I could have sworn I saw tears well up in his eyes. He gave Mcleod a poppy.


The Grocer said...

Those fleeting moments where we connect with another are worth the wait don't you think?

jamon said...

Moments worth marking indeed.

Anonymous said...

handsome doggie!

i've had a scottish houseguest all weekend! A fellow Radiohead fan even. A very well mannered young man that just graduated uni and is making his way around the world! The family just fell in love with the boy and we took him everywhere we could to sightsee. Even my grumpy husband enjoyed having him around. Sad to see him leave this morning...

Anonymous said...

I was in England last November and they were selling poppies and I remember their explanation. The year has passed so quickly!

jamon said...

We live north of Hardian's Wall. It wouldn't have took much for us to still be in Scotland!

Most of Miche's family are Scottish. It's a wonderful place indeed. If you're ever there, I encourage you to explore the west coast.

The Grocer said...

Hardian's Wall? Is there another wall unknown to the rest of us here in Northumberland? From whence does this wall originate and who was Hardian?

jamon said...

Hardian's wall is near the Bigg Market. Teenagers piss on it after 12:00 am in the winter, dressed only in underwear.

Thus the Hardy 'n's wall.

Or it could be a typo :P