Monday, 5 November 2007

A lump in my throat

So you're faced with the choice to accept a blood transfusion and live to care for your new born baby, or refuse it on theological grounds and die.

What's the morally compelling choice? To accept the treatment, despite your belief that it's a sin, so that you can raise your children and give them the love they need. Or, refuse the treatment and die, leaving your children bemused and motherless.

Emma Gough chose to die last week, after giving birth to twins, because the bible told her it was the right thing to do.

Honestly, my heart aches for those poor, wretched children.


The Grocer said...

The religous leaders who preach this should hang their heads in shame. They won't of course just as the Mullahs who create suicide bombers don't. Creating an environment where an individual chooses such things should be considered a criminal act

jamon said...

My sentiments exactly.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere out there is a kid who needs a blood transfusion, and will get it because there's enough of a supply in the blood bank to go around. All thanks to Emma Gough and her religious convictions.

jamon said...

Always a silver lining

Anonymous said...

Parents should guide, nurture, educate and teach inquisitiveness, and must leave children to question this world with all its quirks and to find their own answers. This lady (for want of a better word) has starved her children of this right and if her god approves and welcomes her into that wonderful place called heaven, at least he can stem her tears by saying that her children will join her one day if they to follow her path, but in the meantime, just be patient and hope there will be cared for “Down below” for you will have no say in it.