Saturday, 18 November 2006

A scarper around

I didn't get my beach run unfortunately as I forgot that Miche is whacked from her busy week and needed a lie in.

I did however get to have a good run in and around our village later on in the morning. It was cold and clear; a great day for a long run. I managed to fit in 8.2 miles. I know this for a fact as I have a Garmin Forerunner 201. I recommend this gadget for any geek runner. It's a GPS watch that monitors your pace, distance and elevation on the fly. I bought it to help me train for the 2005 Great North Run.

It beeps at me each time I complete a mile. So, I thought rather than blather on talking about why I find running so spiritually uplifting I would take a photo for each mile I achieved. I'll let them talk for themselves, as I haven't got long to type today as we've got the kids babysat overnight (yey!) and we're out for dinner with friends in an hour or so.

At least the miles I got under my belt this morning will ameliorate the guilt I'll feel for getting utterly debauched later on tonight, which is pretty much a certainty :-).

Here's the pics;

Mile 1

Mile 2

Mile 3

Mile 4

Mile 5

Mile 6

Mile 7

Mile 8


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