Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Meg and the Magic Book

Meg is beginning to read. She can now pick out quite a few words and letters. Since she started full time school in September her pace of learning has gone from a trot into a "full on" gallop towards literacy. It's simply awe inspiring to watch.

In an effort to keep up with her we've started to read Winnie the Pooh stories before bed. The book we have is beautifully illustrated with original ink drawings but it's primarily text. She's used to reading fully illustrated books with fewer words, this is the first 'proper book' that we've tackled.

Meg loves it. We read a page or two each night until she starts to droop and I say "and tomorrow night we'll find out what happens next...". She's usually asleep a minute later.

Tonight as we were finding where we left off the night before I told her that books are magic things. I said that once you've learnt to read "their magic is unlocked and they'll take you into different worlds. All you need to do is get into them".

Meg looked at me, then looked at the book with a puzzled expression. She then poked the page with her index finger twice then looked behind the book. She asked "Daddy, why can't I get into the book now? I want to meet Pooh!"

I wish, as much as Meg did that we could actually climb into the worlds that exist in books. I'll have a think what would be the coolest place to visit and get back to you soon :-)

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