Wednesday, 29 November 2006

I can't wait for Lego

I don't want to wish my kids lives away. Miche and I get told frequently by older friends and family to enjoy them whilst they're still innocent and small. They're right of course. When I look at them I can't believe how fast they've grown and developed. Conversely, memories of our life pre-sprogs feel blurred and distant. I'm sure at one point we had a social life, if only I could remember their names...

Nonetheless, I can't help wishing Meg and Dom were old enough so I can get away with buying them tonnes of real lego, not the poor substitute that is megablocks.

Sorry, when I say buy them tonnes of lego I mean buy myself tonnes of it. It truly deserves the accolade of 'Toy of the century' which it has won twice incidentally. I spent so much of my younger years building stuff with lego and learning about structural engineering.

Of course I'm not alone with this obsession. The slashdot crowd are currently waxing lyrical about lego here. It truly is the geek toy of choice.

Not long now, not long...

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