Sunday, 19 November 2006

Slow, slow mornings

Yes, as predicted we were both rough as dogs this morning. The problem with dinner parties is that you loose track of the amount of alcohol you're puttting away. As ever though, there's a silver lining.

The kids were still happily rampaging around their grandparents house. Leaving us to recouperate quietly in our bed till well after 10. We're usually up by 7 at the latest, so this was a rare and appreciated treat.

Miche brought up coffee and newspapers about 8:30, crawled back in to bed to read them whilst I booted up the laptop; Plugged in to our worlds we snuggled up together, sharing stories and thoughts about what we were reading. There was a time we might have arsed about all day like this on a Sunday but two little things have put pay to those sloppy days.

I was going to talk about some ideas that randomly scarfing around the web had provoked, but frankly all I'm good for tonight is staring at the TV. So, come back tomorrow and I'll furnish you with my, in all likelihood, banal thoughts :-).

Just hanging around with Miche today reminded me why I married her in the first place, and really lifted my spirits. I just wish I hadn't downed so many last night.

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