Monday, 13 November 2006

Amphibian Visitor

We were visited by this frog the other day. It was early evening and getting dark. I was busy sorting our laundry out and nearly trod on the thing coming in from the garden.

It was sat there, bold as brass on our back doorstep just staring at me. I'd never seen a frog so big before, or as beautiful for that matter. Well, certainly not in the UK anyway.

I called the kids over and witnessed a moment of utter joy and wonder as they stared at him. "Wow!" was all that Meg managed; whispered in an awed voice. We watched it, and it watched us for a good five minutes.

I'm not much of a naturalist, and can't tell you what kind of frog it was but we were fascinated by its skin markings. They were bright yellow, gold even. They shone in the flurescent light of our utility room.

I snuck away to get my camera and returned to take the picture you see above. Unfortunately the camera flash broke the moment and the frog hopped away.

I've since looked around the web but haven't found out what breed of frog this is. Perhaps you could help?

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