Sunday, 12 November 2006


I guess I'm struggling in the same way that many do do define and understand what keeps us well spiritually. I'm also not sure if we should even bother to try. Does it make sense to differentiate spiritual wellbeing from just general wellbeing? That of being content, happy, sad, anxious or depressed; and even being physically well, secure and loved.

I hope to use this blog to try to understand this subject a bit better. In real life I work as a mental health professional. In this 'trade' there is an obsession currently about Spirituality and its place in a persons mental health. A lot of people talk and write about it. It is a requirement that we 'assess' somebodys spirituality in the same way we would assess someones mood or behaviour. Predicatably, we all struggle with this. Over and over again I see 'spiritual assessments' revert to typecasts such as the religion a person belongs to (but rarely how or if these religious beleifs influence day to day living) and wishes upon death.

I've so many questions to think about. Perhaps you, the reader can help me and post your thoughts I feelings to me on this blog?

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