Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Not as good as Scooby Doo

Am I the only one who gets excited about this kind of stuff? You'd think so, given the response of my work mates. Polite smiles and woos.

Odd frowns behind the back.


stuart said...

hmmm, probably cos yer scarfing the internet and blogging when ye should be working, lazy twat.

jamon said...

Lunch breaks of course, were banned some time back.

Watch them stones m8, in yer glass hoose ;).

Golf this morning?

stuart said...

yep, and tomorrow, got weekend off too, working monday tho!

stuart said...

oh, and that last post would be done during yer second lunch break would it? :-)

jamon said...

No, my 4th break as it happens.

Anonymous said...

Because we are essentially matter held together in the shape of a reasoning human mammal? Perhaps our ability to reason/think goes beyond the nature/nurture or even brain evolution theory? Could it be that the very essence of our molecular composition gives us the ability to make a decision? Hmm... Interesting!

jamon said...

This quantum malarkey reminds me how little we know about things.

Particle or wave? Energy or Matter? Both?

I suppose it depends on which way you look at it ;).

stuart said...

or whether you look at it at all, seeing as how looking at it changes it...blows yer mind, best not to think about it or your ears will bleed.

jamon said...


Bugger, they're bleeding again. Pass the tissues someone.

Anonymous said...

You like to code, right? Correctly enter data to generate something on a computer screen. I wonder then who/what writes the "code" for the smallest of sub atomic particles like the quark? The laws of classical Newtonian physics still remain accurate in predicting the behavior of us "large" objects. Quantum mechanics only answers the probablities of how sub atomic particles will act and react. No answers to how it manages to move in the first place. Sure there's energy reaction, but how does it get it's code to make that first move? Divine intervention would be an easy explanation, too bad I am agnostic. Every living thing needs a genetic code to even be, much less function. We can clone it, but we can't really explain it yet. Fascinating stuff.


jamon said...

Perhaps you're alluding to the consciousness conundrum metalkpretty.

Is it the I, when watching a quantum phenomenon, that effects the outcome?

Perhaps a better question is - Is it the consciousness that effects the outcome, or the act of observation itself?.

Imagine the P-zombie, without consciousness, watching the electrons. Would the outcome be the same?

I hazard that it would.

Our consciousness is nothing more than an outcome of Darwinian complexity.

No less the beautiful for it, mind you.

jamon said...

...and to your universal underwritten code that determines the original action, or the 'first move';

Could there be an infinite number of dimentions, where improbable things can occur?

If this is so, how lucky we are then, to be living in one that is ordered.

Given enough energy, of which there is plenty, all of these things could be true. And all at the same time. An infinite randomness ;)

My ears are dripping...

Anonymous said...

Omg! P-Zombie would be a great name for a rock-n-roll band, wouldn't it?

...There that's stopped the intercranial bleeding for a sec ;)

jamon said...

Creepy - I've had that conversation with my wife recently.

There will be nothing cooler, or sadder for that matter, than my 'Dad band' - P-zombie. I do aspire to waste some of my middle age in the garage with my mates and guitars.

Our other moniker could well be "Fullers Earth". The premiere name for kitty litter, and sad dad bands ;)

stuart said...

Metalkpretty states "Divine intervention would be an easy explanation" as to the question of how it all gets going.


look at it this way (a very simple way, cos my mind is better at logic than philosophy).

1) How did the Universe start

2) We dont know but we are trying to figure it out a little step at a time


1) How did the Universe start

2) GOD created it

3) How did GOD start

4) We dont know


no explanation, just another step to delay having to think about the original question.

jamon said...

Very clever Stuart, very clever. But it's turtles all the way down, I'm afraid.


Anonymous said...
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stuart said...

but due to the curvature of the universe turtles all the way down would still not reach the bottom, and at some point the line of turtles is going to cross over itself which will result in at least 2 turtles having sex. This will result in lots of new turtles being born. The question is, as its already turtles all the way down, where the hell are these going to go?

Anonymous said...

oi, that's incredible! I still don't understand how observing it can change how it behaves. Perhaps I just haven't studied it enough, but that makes almost negative sense to me.

jamon said...

You're in esteemed company anonymous.

"Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum mechanics cannot possibly have understood it."
-Niels Bohr