Friday, 29 June 2007

The sniffles

It appears the Atheist Blogroll has been infected with a rather virulent meme. It has no herd immunity. There isn't a vaccination yet that cures bloggers of the urge to talk about themselves.

This particular meme replicates itself at an approximate rate of 1:8. By my reckoning, the entire human race will be infected within four weeks.

I caught my dose of it from Lynn's daughter. Now don't worry, I think I got a light dousing. Perhaps I've some natural immunity to these things; bit of a temperature and a familiar urge to self obsess, nothing more. I don't think I'll pass it on.

If you're fretting that you'll never get to tell your kids of the Great Meme don't worry. The odds are that you'll be infected any day soon.

These are the symptoms to watch out for;
  • Sufferers will post a list of symptoms,
  • The host is then compelled to share eight random facts/habits about themselves,
  • The contagion is then unleashed upon eight other blogs (the symptom that I seem to be immune to),
  • The infected are then informed that they've been 'tagged',
  • The agent then runs off to the other end of the playground and hides behind the bike sheds.
Here's my eight facts and habits;

Habit. I like to rub the bit of skin that's between my bottom lip and chin. I do so with the side of my left index finger. At the end of the day, when my stubble has grown long enough, I find I get a satisfying rasp. I have no idea why I do this.

Fact. I'll be thirty five soon. This feels quite old, yet I can't shake off the feeling that I'm still just a kid.

Fact. I have very hairy feet. I'm convinced it fell off my head some time in my twenties.

Habit. I'm obsessively tidy. Also, I can't sit down for long periods. This means that I'm often found moving detritus into corners and cupboards. However, I'm a 'rammer'. Once the mess is packed into a cupboard, on a pile or under a bed I forget about it. Visitors do not get to look in our wardrobes.

Fact. For a Brit I have good teeth. I have no fillings, decay or wonky gaps. I was thirty three before I had my first dental intervention. Inconveniently it was Christmas Eve that a molar split in two. Four o'clock Christmas Day I was on a dentist's chair having it pulled out. I bit the dentist's finger.

Fact. Nobody will read this far. It really is quite dull. I think I'll stop now.


Mikayla Starstuff said...

Damn! I keep looking for my eight people to spread the meme to, and it looks like the whole Atheist Blogroll has already been infected!


jamon said...

It's a nasty one.


stuart said...

glad you stopped it m8, gets right on my tit ends these "chain mail" type things, and that, after all, is all this is. I have never sent on a chain mail of any kind and so far I have not

1) had all my teeth fall out

2) gone to hell (not yet anyway, and they said it would happen straight away)

3) been cursed with bad luck for the rest of my life. (I actually count myself amongs't the lucky few - except for when I play golf, that is definately bad luck, not a lack of skill at all...)

4) suffered from any of the myriad other nasty things that would happen to me if I didn't pass the pestulent piece of garbage on to at least 200 other poor sods

In fact, I am so determined to stop this evil practise that i have come up with a letter....

Dear person

Please do not respond to any chain mail, of any kind, thankyou.


PS. If you do not send this letter on to 500 other people your legs will disappear up your arse and your big toe will stick out of your nose for the rest of your life.

Mojoey said...

I think I'm done. I hate these things.

Harry feet, how odd. You must post a picture.

jamon said...

I don't know wether the internet is ready for my feet Mojoey.


jamon said...

Stu & Mojoey - I share your antipathy to these things.

I'm convinced now, that they're tools of the devil, made to suck time out of our universe.

They are evil and must be stopped at all cost.

Bob Kowalski said...

You should read some of comments made in passing on my blog.

I also tagged some Christian blogs. I was beginning to suspect I might inhabit a cyber-ghetto.

Bob Kowalski said...
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