Thursday, 7 June 2007

Number 3

We live in a semi-detached house. Our neighbours are quite nice. Alice, the old lady across the road, keeps an eye out for us when we're out. Sometimes she brings dandelion leaves for Meg & Dom to feed their guinea pigs with.

Brian, two doors down, polishes his car twice a week. It really is quite shiny. I have a company estate car which is black, and a bitch to keep as shiny as Brian's. My garden however, is nicer than his.

To the untrained eye, I look the same as a billion other men. Really quite ordinary.

Don't worry though, because just like you, I'm extraordinary in a myriad small ways.

For example, I have a talent for picking things up with my feet. They're like secondary hands. I don't know a single person with foot picking up dexterity as well developed as mine. Not only that, they're as hairy as baboon feet. Quite extraordinary.

On a related matter, there's some sheep living in the fields behind our house right now. I can't help but anthropomorphise their baas. One of them I swear, is a miserable old drunk. "Meh" he grumbles at his flock, his deep voice broken by Marlborough's and beer.

"You sad bastards, the lot of ye. " He shouts, "Just look at yourselves, munching on the grass. Mehhh."

There are some that would balk at our parochial existence. They would ridicule us, like the drunk sheep, thinking that our little lives have no meaning.

Of course they'd be right, for there's no meaning to anything. But frankly, I couldn't give a damn. I like my little life. Looking from the outside it may be banal. Looking from inside out however, things seem pretty rosy thank you very much. Despite the whole lot feeling absurd.

So, to the song.

No Suprises by Radiohead sum's up these sentiments exactly for me. Not only that, it's a favourite song, from a favourite band of mine. Thom Yorke is one of the few people I'd rather be than myself.

Thom is notorious for never explaining the meaning of his lyrics. This most wonderful of videos, I think, explains his thoughts on the matter quite clearly. Listen to the lyrics as he takes his first breath after the water recedes.

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