Saturday, 16 June 2007

Sisyphus in the round

Given enough time, all couples will write scripts together. They use them to re-enact their histories. The past you see, has a habit of repeating itself. When it does, it's easier to do a read through than it is to write a new script on the fly.

Minor edits are made of course, and the backdrop sometimes different, but the themes remain static.

Like any good play, they're usually dramatic. At the core is an unresolved conflict. We watch the actors fight and struggle to solve their quandary. It builds into a stupendous climax where finally the conflict is resolved. The actors are spent.

You can of course, opt for rolling the script up into a tube and thwacking the other about the head with it. It has a similar effect. Albeit a little one dimensional.

The rock is perched on a ledge. Safe for now.


Anonymous said...

You whittle away, where I draw long laborsome metaphors, lol. very succinct logic.

bjork rocks

jamon said...

I suppose less is indeed more sometimes.

Though logic can get in the way. ;)