Saturday, 6 October 2007

Dad Blogging

In the absence of motherly direction our Saturday took on a decidedly masculine aroma;

Stones thrown in the river, just before a Kingfisher flew past in an iridescent flash of blue.

Rides on a minature steam train.

Heads under the bonnet of an Austin Healey.

Awed by the power of steam and water.

Captivated by the greased precision of Victorian Engineering.

Captivated enough to spontaneously narrate the video of the antique water pumping station as we ripped it to the PC. Richard Attenborough eat your heart out...


Anonymous said...

Yours is like channel 5, mine is like BBC2 !!!!!!!!

jamon said...

I was thinking more of Playschool vs The Open University.

Anonymous said...

Which one is Playschool?

jamon said...

It all depends on which way you look at it ;)