Saturday, 20 October 2007

England 6: South Africa 15


As Meg said in the car tonight after Dom asked if he could play rugby with her,

"OK, I'll beat you up, then knock you over."

Pretty much what SA did ;(


stuart said...

were you watching the same game as me?

I tyhought the 2 sides were pretty evenly matched (unlike the previous meeting), and the result could have been different if the wind was behind us (or something like that!).

It would have been brill to see england win, but to put up such a fight against so formidable oponent was nearly as good.

In the end, the best team won, but no way was it a case of us being beaten up and pushed over.

jamon said...

Fair point well made.

Stew said...

I watched it with some friends who were visiting from the UK. We went to a restaurant in the nearby town. The owner/chef is a rugby fan and ha a big screen. We ate foie gras and duck and supported England. After the loss the owner sent over a ice bucket with a bottle of champagne to commiserate. What a top man.

The game may have been different if the try had been allowed. Same for France/Argentina. But might have beens are small consolation . . .

jamon said...

The devil's in the detail I suppose. An inch here, and inch there...

Foie gras eh? Nice, though always tainted with guilt for me.

Still nice though.

stuart said...

I seem to remember a report that showed eating foie gras was linked to Alzheimers and various other diseases........ serves you bloody well right if you ask me.

Whilst I am by no means vegetarian, and despise so called Animal rights activists, I do believe that animals raised for food (or for any other reason for that matter) should be given as natural a life as possible and be killed as humanely as possible.