Wednesday, 31 October 2007

The Gutsy Gibbon

Forgive me for getting a bit geeky, but I had to show you this. I've just finished installing the latest Ubuntu distribution on our home PCs and have tinkered with them to my satisfaction. For those of you who are 'normal', Ubuntu is a replacement for MS Windows. It's based on Linux.

Perhaps more importantly it's free. Not only that, it's so easy to install you can do it blindfolded. I've installed windows more times than I'd like to admit, and this Ubuntu install beats it hands down. I didn't have to get 'technical' at all. Once installed, the OS found all the appropriate drivers & codecs for me and asked me politely if I'd like to install them.

Ahh, joy - it just works!

But up until now Linux has had an Achilles heel - frankly it wasn't as pretty as Windows. Particularly Vista. So, I thought I'd show you the eye candy that comes with Ubuntu out of the box these days.

Geek joy indeed.


Christy Lenzi said...

That is wild. I covet.

stuart said...

Very nice my friend!

I used 'alt + mouse wheel up' to zoom into that video and watch it full screen - Gutsy has very nice and useful toys as well as looking perdy!

Another thing for Windows users thinking of coming to the "bright side" of linux, is that Ubuntu makes it so easy to recover all your settings when things do manage to get tits upwards (which isn't very often, and only then cos i was fiddlin' where i shouldn't ave been fiddlin'). A few simple commands on the terminal (recovery console to you MS users) and everything comes back, desktop settings, drivers, eye candy the lot!

try that on Windows and you'll be finished about 8 hours later.

stuart said...

Christy, you say you covet, then go get.....

click on dowload, burn the image to cd, reboot from cd.

Yes, thats it. Could not be any simpler.

you will see Gutsy Gibbon in all it's glory (well most of it's glory anyway).. running from the cd without actually having to install it, bloody amazing!

then if you want to install just click on the install button, and Robert is yer dad's brother.

If you don't, (WHY?) take the cd out and reboot back to whatever you used before, no harm done, no taking over your PC, no trying to take over the world.

Leave that to George Bush and Bill Gates.

stuart said...

And Christy, I apologise if that post was maybe a little patronising, I know that just because you are a woman, it doesn't mean you cant do technical things.

Just means you can't read a map.

jamon said...

The geek will inherit the earth.

I tell you, they will. You just watch...

Christy Lenzi said...

>>burn the image to cd, reboot from cd.<<

So you're saying I have to set fire to the cord (is that what cd stand for?)and kick it with my boots (twice)? But I'm just a girl. (But my boots are cute) Please help me. My husband brought me to Sans God and dropped me off. I'm scared.

jamon said...

They must be brown leather boots, else the reboot will fail.

Above the knee ones are the best.

Christy Lenzi said...