Friday, 19 October 2007

What's the point?

No matter how hard I try, I can discern no ultimate purpose to the universe, life, or anything for that matter. That's not to say I don't find life purposeful mind.

I'm a purposeful monkey, me.

A universal purpose is rather like this optical illusion. Our brains swear that there's two triangles, yet when we study it, we logically conclude there's only one. Yet we can't 'un see' the second.

We've evolved to intuitively assume a purpose to our lives. At its basis is the need to breathe. Though I'm convinced Bush's autocue tells him to "Breath in, breath out"...

The urge to continue living is primordial. To breathe, eat and procreate are our primary, instinctive motivations. It takes little imagination for me, to see how these urges are sublimated into an assumption that there's a purpose outwith our own, selfish needs.

It's like an itch that won't go away. Like the triangle that insists on being seen, we've evolved to expect a higher purpose. Perhaps even to expect a god.

I suppose believing in this 'higher realm' is rather childlike. Now, I don't mean to patronise people who believe, rather, I attribute child like belief in the Transactional Analysis or Psychodynamic modes. We all have elements of the child within us.

Imagine a lost kid in the supermarket, terrified that he can't find his mother. Rather than go look for her, he lies on the floor, curls into a ball and cries. He's helpless and without direction. He needs his mother to tell him what to do.

As adults we're no different. We all need external guidance I think. I certainly do.

However, as uncomfortable as it is, I'm drawn to look at the triangle, so that I can work out for myself the truth of the matter.

We're alone and lost. Each and every one of us. So let's stick together, eh?


Anonymous said...

Candy doesn't have to have a point...

jamon said...


Anonymous said...

So, can you say a bit more about what you do find meaningful in life?

I'm wondering if 'meaningful' isn't an illusion...

jamon said...

Blimey - forgot about this post. I think I've gone some way to defining what you ask in later posts.

Try this one for size

And of course - meaning is an evolutionary illusion ;)