Thursday, 27 September 2007

A dropped bollock

You know, I find the god question boring. There isn't much worthy of debate in arguing his existence. What fascinates me is why people are motivated to believe in deities.

So, my actions yesterday were a bit off. I was as bad as any southern baptist, blasting his congregation with dogmatic nonsense. It was out of character, I assure you. Usually I'm a bit more tolerant of beliefs that I disagree with. For what it's worth, I apologised to my co-worker for being a dick.

Metalkpretty summed this notion up way better than I could in her comment. It has therefore been promoted to a blog post.

"Quantum physics blows my mind in a jaw-dropping-this-just-can't-be-true way, yet I acquiesce to the mathematical proofs. If someone could prove the existence of Godly, ghostly beings through maths, I think I might believe.
That said, logic is all well and good, but to be human is to temper that ability to reason with mercy. People need to believe in a higher power, faith or transient spirts for reasons too numerous to mention. To argue empirical evidence otherwise is usually moot to such people. But to empathetically raise the question of why they need to believe, reveals the root problem of why they take comfort in such notions. Underlying issues that when raised, have the ability to be further examined and maybe resolved. Friends don't beat friends over the head with logic or dogma, it's pointless. But perhaps in listening we uncover their trigger and in some way effect a change."

Words of wisdom indeed. Thanks ;)


Anonymous said...

Awww! thank you, for making me feel special!


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