Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Grabbed by the ghoulies

The view from my office desk is stunning. The doorway, coat stand and laser printer lift me up each day, above and beyond my existential futility.

So I've filled the walls around me with photos. Today an associate spots the newest addition to my portfolio and says "Ooh, I like that picture, what is it?"

"Thanks! It's a photoshopped image of the local church yard."

"Hmn, it's a shame, I don't see any orbs." She mused.

"Orbs? What do you mean?"

"Well, you know, spirits. Ghosts."

"Are you taking the piss?"

"No, I've seen them before. They hover over gravestones sometimes."

"Ahh come on, surely not! You're telling me wee ghosties hang around at night ready to be snapped? There's no such thing."

"You can't see them. I can, because I believe in them. They don't show themselves to people without faith."

I lost the will to live after this point.

"Fuck off! Each time I say I don't believe in orbs, does one of them die like?"

"Don't be daft Scott."

Ohh, the irony.

"They're our life energy - it's got to go somewhere after we die."

"Eh? Energy? The energy is dissipated through decomposition surely?"

"No, not that kind of energy. It's like..."

"You mean the soul, don't you?"

Honestly, I could feel my blood beginning to boil. I've always struggled to keep my counsel in the face of flannel like this.

"Yes I suppose. Spiritual energy. Sometimes it gets stuck in this world."

"Come off it. That's utterly ludicrous. Listen, I can provide you with masses of scientific evidence to disprove this crap." I spun around back to the laptop, ready to fire up google.

"You probably could, but my faith is important to me," she said to my back, "it's what I believe."

"But what if you're wrong?" I asked whilst typing scepticism into the search box.

"Don't get me wrong Scott, I'm not a religious nut. I don't go to church, but we all need something right? I've no idea the stuff I'd end up doing if I didn't have my faith."

"So, you'd rather feel safe and secure with your faith than explore the truth."

"That's about the sum of it."

Honestly, sometimes I despair. I really do. I know I shouldn't have gone off on one like I did. But for fuck's sake...


IsThatLatin said...

I live in Gettysburg, where there are 12 "Ghost Walks" and everyone thinks they see the spirits of soldiers, yadda, yadda, yadda...

...I feel your pain. I've lived here for almost four years and nothing. Go figure. But people visit for a weekend and say they had some kind of life-changing ghost siting. It's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hey - Do I see something hiding behind one of the cravestones !

stuart said...

Ghosts do exist, i've seen the film, and this must make it true yes? just like some bloke in a dress tells us god exists, so that must also be true, yes?

jamon said...

I see them everywhere.

Daft people, that is.

Anonymous said...

These are true and for me unexplainable but food for thought and such experiences should not be dismissed:-
Years ago I visited with my father the place that our family originated, a small hamlet called Sparkwell near Plymouth. Walking around I knew instinctively every twist and turn and place. I might have been picking this up unconsciously from my Dad, I simply do not know.
Once while walking with another high on the north Yorkshire moors on a long distance walk miles away from human inhabitation we were joined by another dressed in old clothes the like of which was that of a shepherd years gone by. At the time we did not notice, but walked on as three. He said goodbye and turned off down a small valley. Shortly after this we both stopped and looked at each other with shock, our minds registering a past memory of company. We walked back to where he left us at the valley head, and there down below by a stream was an old ruined house. There was no sign of anybody else. A lot in this world of ours is unexplainable, perhaps one day science can explain the above, but until it does, keep an open mind.

jamon said...

An open mind for sure. However the vast majority of these 'paranormal' phenomena can be explained logically.

We should always investigate this, before chin rubbing and ghosty hunting...

Anonymous said...

I am agnostic and not an atheist. Quantum physics blows my mind in a jaw-dropping-this-just-can't-be-true way, yet I acquiesce to the mathmatical proofs. If someone could prove the exsistence of Godly, ghostly beings through maths, I think I might believe.

That said, logic is all well and good, but to be human is to temper that ability to reason with mercy. People need to believe in a higher power, faith or tranisent spirts for reasons too numerous to mention. To argue empirical evidence otherwise is usually moot to such people. But to empathetically raise the question of why they need to believe, reveals the root problem of why they take comfort in such notions. Underlying issues that when raised, have the ability to be further examined and maybe resolved. Friends don't beat friends over the head with logic or dogma, it's pointless. But perhaps in listening we uncover their trigger and in some way effect a change.

jamon said...

"Friends don't beat friends over the head with logic or dogma, it's pointless. But perhaps in listening we uncover their trigger and in some way effect a change."

Good point - I know I failed in this respect yesterday. Sometimes you've got to let it blow ;)

Anonymous said...

Duuude! I LOVE a good argument as much as anybody else! (throw in a few beers and I can debate anything ALL night long.) When all parties are consenting, it's fun. :)

Stew said...

brian & irene - I was reading your comment seriously until I hit the phrases: "like of which was that of a shepherd years gone by" and "but walked on as three" and then I knew that you are either taking the piss, or rendering thyself unto thine own sphincter!

jamon said...

"or rendering thyself unto thine own sphincter!"

Lol - I'm having that one. What a great one liner ;)

Stew said...

And now I find I may have been rude to family.

tsch! It pays to read around the comments before ripping into people.

"Never attribute to malice what can be more easily ascribed to stupidity"

I did try and leave a compliment (genuine) on brian & irene's blog.

jamon said...

He he - he's a grown up. A great engineer, but an average writer. I take the piss too sometimes ;)

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