Sunday, 2 September 2007

God is with us

Despite the sword of Damocles hanging over the family right now we've managed to have rather a nice fortnight off. There is news to share of course, but the need to censor remains. Perhaps this is good, as the facts to be shared are not. So the following could be thought of as our brave face glaring into the eyes of adversity.

Fuck it, I say. Fuck it and all that it brings, for we are a strong family. This is what will get us through. Yet there are those amongst us who turn to God in these moments, he gives them strength they say.

Both Miche & I have said that our strength comes from them and not their god; we need no witness to see the extent of our love. They know this in truth, despite their faith. So let no reward be given to us in heaven, for our love gives lives right now and is right amongst us.

Despite this, there have been a pair occurrences in these past two weeks that would make some question their doubt;

I bought a bike on ebay a while back to complete the family set. I was ripped off frankly, as it's brakes are faulty and its front bearings worn. Ninety quid's worth of shite.

Yet recently, we indulged in some faux altruism and gave away a box full of toys via freecycle. As I watched for request mails I noticed a post offering a mens' mountain bike with 21 shimano gears and suspension. A quick mail secured the offer.

So I now have a nearly new mountain bike, given for free and in near perfect condition. God was with me this day for sure.

And no more than an hour ago Miche hammered me on the shoulder. She had the look of a lottery winner about her. A quick glance up at the telly told me why; the monkey broach her grandma had given her some 20 years ago was right there on the screen.

She's now the owner of some £12,000 worth of heirloom! We'll be amending our contents insurance tomorrow.

So I take from this - god hates ill people, yet loves middle aged men wanting bikes and beautiful women with old broaches. Do you need any more proof?

So here's some more photos from our holiday full of the lord's love;

Me, the dog, some wind and a woman in red...

The science fiction lift of the Discovery Museum.

Hell on earth - infinite children.

Skin cultures in the cyborg exhibition - quite amazing.

Camping is greatest under the hottest of suns.

A cooler leg than mine...

Closing the door on my holiday.

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