Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Rama and Adam meet on the bridge

Rama, our original king, ruled all of us for eleven thousand years. He presided over an era of perfect happiness, peace and prosperity. How I the miss the Rama Rajya.

Before Rama became the seventh avatar of Vishnu, he built a bridge between India and Sri Lanka where his wife was being held in exile by the evil king Ravana.

Monkeys helped him build it. They were known for their engineering aptitude in those times. He then rescued his wife and returned to India to take his rightful place as our lord.

It was quite a feat. Thirty miles of sandbank, rock and coral reef had to be constructed to bridge the gap between these two great countries. They don't build stuff like that these days. It's lasted thousands, perhaps millions of years right up until today.

Now Adam, not long after he was chucked out of Eden, used this very same bridge to get to the mountain Sri Pada to stand atop of it for a thousand years. He felt a bit guilty for eating the apple, according to the Koran.

Adam and Rama most probably met whilst crossing the bridge. They would have been struck by their similarities. Perhaps they were cut from the same cloth...

So, how dare these modern, capitalist pigs even consider cutting a channel through Rama's and Adam's bridge. How dare they!

The heathen Archaeological Survey of India submitted a report to the Indian supreme court that deigned to suggest that Rama's bridge is just mythology! Now I for one, am behind those that demonstrated against this blasphemy and am delighted that they have withdrawn this outrageous report from the hearing.

The truth will out. Vishnu will be reborn and monkeys will rebuild the world.


Christy Lenzi said...

Thanks for sharing this article. I passed it on to my husband who shared it with his Intro to Religion class and had them discuss it.

jamon said...

You're welcome. How was it received?

Christy Lenzi said...

Sounds ike they had an interesting discussion about what should or should not be done and why. The consensus was that the government should listen to the millions of people who wanted to leave the barrior as is for religious reasons, simply because there were so many citizens who felt that strongly about it.

My husband brought up the fact that there are millions of Americans who feel strongly about teaching Creationism in public schools for religious reasons, instead of evolution and asked if the government should do as they want simply because there are so many of them. This stumped them and many changed their answers. Sounds like it was a good springboard for further discussion.

jamon said...

Sounds like a fun class to have been in. I guess to sum it up - A person is smart. People however, are often dumb.