Sunday, 23 September 2007

On being boys

"Shit!" I barked after being woken by Dom breaking wind on my arm.

"Shit!" He repeated with glee.

"Bollocks, Dom that's a naughty word. We shouldn't have said that."


It could have gone on for a while.

We were supposed to be back from the tip having emptied the garage of its detritus and busy preparing tea for the women. They've been out at a kids party all afternoon.

I figured we could get some boy stuff done before our chores, so I hoovered out the car whilst Dom pretended to be a racing driver. We then watched the rugby for a bit. I obliged when Dom asked for some boyporn on the telly and settled us down with kettle chips and milk.

Twenty minutes ago we woke up.



Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, what a perfect afternoon :)

an old weirdo internet stalker type person is back on the prowl again so I locked down the journal for a bit.

jamon said...

Yeah - twas a proper Sunday afternoon.

A stalker eh? Nasty - hope it gets bored and wanders off soon.

the queen said...

My favorite part of my fortieth birthday was realizing Thunderbirds was on, after midnight, and I could watch it anyway. I approve of the boy porn.