Thursday, 27 September 2007

Father of a genius

There's nothing worse than a smug, middle class parent.

[plummy English accent] "Oh, my Tristan is so the little genius. He's only seven you know, but he can play Pagganini's Concerto for violin in E major. Isn't he a dahrling?"[/]

Megan has her first official spelling test tomorrow. If she gets 10/10 we'll break open her piggy bank and go spend the contents at Toys-r-us on Saturday morning.

She got the words on Monday and by Tuesday she'd written this.

I fully expect a novel from her by the age of nine.

Isn't she a darling?


Anonymous said...

What about the Grandfathers of genius then?

jamon said...

Not the Father of one I see ;)

It's in the genes Dad.

Anonymous said...

wow! That's impressive! :)

Christy Lenzi said...

Looks promising! She must be destined for great things. :)